Labour|Labour, 2014

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Labour|Labour, found object (circa 1970’s industrial loom), fishing line, fishing flies, Perspex and electronics, Speke Gallery, Johannesburg, 2014

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Labour|Labour is an interactive installation made from a found object, the object is the innards of a circa 1970’s industrial loom. The loom was rescued from a building in the Johannesburg CBD. The building was being renovated from a factory for sporting equipment to a residential building. Lace removed the casing and cleaned off the oil and glue to reveal the current structure. She then immobilised elements of the previous mechanical movement and altered other elements to allow the loom to twitch in the manner in which it does now. The movement of the loom is triggered by a motion sensor in the room, this sensor picks up the viewers movement in proximity to the piece. The pulsing of the lights is based on a panicked heart rate.

Photography by James Fox