Unit for Measure, 2009

unit 1

Unit for Measure, fishing line, fishing flies and African Monarch butterfly, colloborative project with Vaughn Sadie, Sci-Bono, Johannesburg & Durban Art Gallery, Durban, 2009


The Installation Unit for Measure was the result of an ongoing conversation between artists Lace and Sadie. This conversation has focused around the creation of platforms in South Africa for experimental and experiential work. It is comprised of three elements: units of material en masse, the relationship between the artists’ work and a specific site. The two spaces chosen for the installation were the antithesis of one another. For the Johannesburg leg the artists chose a newly built basement within the Sci-Bono maths and science learning centre. A dark space, revealing it’s infrastructure and without much history, as opposed to Durban’s Municipal Gallery, housed in the grand City Hall and speaking very heavily of a colonial past. The installation was a direct result of the process that is evoked through the use of materials en masse in a site-specific context.

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Photography by Marcus Neustetter and Vaughn Sadie